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Contemporary Religious Sex Terms

Abstinence. Refraining from all sexual activity.

Abuse. Physical or psychological harm caused to a child or spouse. The old ditty of "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never harm me" is false! While sticks and stones can break bones, angry and derogatory words can break hearts. Sometimes, the bones heal faster and more completely. Both physical and psychological abuse are evil!

Adultery. Sexual intercourse between a man and woman who are not married to each other.

Anal intercourse. Using the rectum instead of the wife's vagina for sexual intercourse. Among homosexual men, anal intercourse is a primary sexual activity.

Bestiality. Sexual activity between humans and animals, including masturbation and sexual intercourse.

Birth control. Actions which prevent pregnancy because of sexual intercourse.

Birth control pills. Medication prescribed by a doctor which, when taken by the wife as directed, makes it highly unlikely for her to deliver a child because of sexual intercourse. However, if the wife conceives, the birth control medication may cause the chemical abortion of the pregnancy at a very early stage.

Bisexual. Engaging in sexual activities with members of both sexes.

Chaste sex. Sexual intercourse between husband and wife after marriage. This is God's plan and, if practiced by everyone, would eliminate all sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) including AIDS in one generation.

Clitoris. A small erectile organ located in the forward area of the wife's vulva. Stimulation of the clitoris during foreplay and sexual intercourse can enhance the wife chances of an orgasm.

Conception. The point at which the husband's sperm unites with the wife's egg, causing life to begin.

Condom. A thin balloon-type device which is worn over the husband's erect penis during sexual intercourse to prevent conception. The ejaculated sperm is caught by the condom so it does not enter the vagina and make it's way to the wife's egg. Persons engaging in illicit sex also use condoms to prevent sexually-transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

Contraceptive. Any device, product, or process which prevents conception.

Cunnilingus. Stimulation of the wife's genital area, especially the clitoris, with the husband's lips and tongue. During foreplay. continued cunnilingus is likely to cause the wife to experience an orgasm. Among lesbian women, cunnilingus is a primary sexual activity.

Demon. evil spirit. An agent of Satan with a specific interest in any illicit human sexual activity, including, but not limited to: child molestation, incest, rape, lust, fornication, pornographic fantasies, adultery, homosexuality, and bestiality.

Desire. The normal, natural need felt by husband and wife to have sexual intercourse, especially during foreplay.

Dildo. A penis-shaped rod, often covered with rubber and even containing a variable-speed vibrator.You can buy one on the Internet; just enter dildo or vibrator into any search engine. One with a vibrator should cost about $30 US.] Warning:you may get into some very unsavory sites. Just buy what you are looking for and get out! See vibrator.

Dreams, erotic. Dreams about sexual activities, sometimes connected with someone other than a spouse. Dreams about someone other than your spouse should be prayerfully forgotten and never discussed with anyone else.

Ejaculation. The high point of the husband's orgasm when semen spurts from the penis.

Ejaculation, premature. The husband having an orgasm during foreplay or during the insertion of the penis into the wife's vagina, before actual thrusting has begun.

Erectile. Tissue with blood vessels which fill during the sexual excitement caused by foreplay. The husband's penis and the wife's nipples and clitoris contain erectile tissue.

Erection. The rigid state of organs which contain erectile tissue. The husband's penis becomes erect so it can enter the wife's vagina for sexual intercourse. The wife's clitoris becomes erect so it has a better chance of remaining in contact with the husband's penis during the thrusting of sexual intercourse, thereby increasing the wife's chance of experiencing an orgasm.

Erogenous zone. Any area of the body which is sensitive to sexual stimulation during foreplay. Common erogenous zones include, but are not limited to, the genitals, breasts, and nipples. Other areas with potential for sexual stimulation include the ear lobes, neck, back, and buttocks. Experimentation and open communication between husband and wife is necessary to assure the location of favorite erogenous zones.

Erotic. Anything which is sexually stimulating.

Fantasize. Thoughts which are sexually stimulating. Married persons must limit their sexual fantasies to their spouse. Unmarried persons should avoid sexual fantasies altogether, as they lead to lust.

Fellatio. The wife's kissing, licking, and sucking the head and shaft of the penis during foreplay. Continued activity of this type will cause the husband to ejaculate. Homosexual men use fellatio as a primary sexual activity.

Foreplay. Any action which causes increased sexual excitement before sexual intercourse. Foreplay should be continued until the wife requests the husband to insert his penis into her vagina. As a rule, when she senses her body is ready for sexual intercourse, the vagina will be dilated and the vulva will be moist. The husband usually needs less foreplay than the wife; sometimes, he needs none.

Fornication. Sexual intercourse between unmarried persons; also known in scripture as "sexual immorality."

Gay. A contemporary term for a male homosexual.

Genitals. The external sex organs. For the husband, they include the penis and the testicles. For the wife, it is the vulva.

Harassment, sexual. Unwelcome and unsolicited sexual activity or sexually-oriented comments. Sexual harassment is sin as well as illegal.

Heterosexual. Sexual activity between persons of the opposite sex.

Homosexual. Sexual activity between persons of the same sex.

Hymen. A thin membrane which covers the opening to a virgin's vagina. The hymen does have a small opening which permits douching and the use of tampons but not sexual intercourse. When the hymen is broken on the honeymoon during sexual intercourse, some pain and slight bleeding may occur.

Illicit sex. Any sexual activity which is outside the bounds and bonds of legal marriage.

Impotence. The inability of the husband to achieve and maintain an erection. This condition is usually temporary and is often associated with illness, stress, or medication for such conditions as hypertension (high blood pressure). A dildo or vibrator can be substituted for an erect penis if both busband and wife are willing.

Incest. Sexual activity between members of the same family.

IUD (Intrauterine device). An object which is inserted at the mouth of the uterus (womb) to prevent conception.

Lesbian. A female homosexual.

Lubricant. A cream designed for use in the genital area to eliminate chafing during foreplay and to help insertion of the husband's penis into the wife's vagina for sexual intercourse. Consult your pharmacist for an appropriate product. KY Jelly is a popular personal lubricant.

Lust. Feelings of sexual desire between unmarried persons of the opposite sex or between any persons of the same sex. Sexual desire between married persons is always normal and natural. Lust is always sin.

Masochism. Experiencing sexual stimulation by receiving pain, usually during foreplay. See "Sadism".

Masturbation. Self-stimulation of the penis or clitoris to the point of orgasm.

Masturbation, mutual. A form of foreplay where the wife stimulates the husband's penis while the husband stimulates the wife's clitoris. This activity may be used as a temporary alternative for sexual intercourse.

Molestation. Unwelcome touching of another person's body in a manner designed to communicate or arouse lust.

Natural Family Planning. Birth control based on refraining from intercourse during the time of the wife's monthly cycle when pregnancy is possible. Modern natural family planning is far more reliable than the old rhythm or calendar method, and is based on a normal discharge of cervical mucus, and changes in a wife's waking temperature.

NIV. New International Version; a modern-language translation of the Bible.

Nocturnal emission. An involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep. This happens about once a month for virgin boys who do not masturbate.

Obscenity. Visual and auditory materials designed to arouse feelings of lust, as specified by the Supreme Court in Miller v. California, 1973. Obscene materials are characterized by sharply focused and detailed representations of all degrees of sexual activity: men with women, men with men, women with women, adults with children, humans with animals, groups having homosexual and bisexual sex with each other. Activities include vaginal, oral, and anal intercourse.

Oral sex. Foreplay which involves using the mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate the spouse's genitals. Oral sex must be based on mutual satisfaction.

Orgasm, climax. The psychological and physical high point of sexual activity. The husband's orgasm involves spasmodic ejaculation of semen over a period of several seconds. The wife's orgasm may include abdominal spasms. All healthy husbands and wives will reach an orgasm because of extended foreplay and/or sexual intercourse. The wife can experience orgasm because of stimulation of her clitoris, penile thrusting in her vagina, or any combination of the two activities.

Pedophile. A person with an insatiable desire to have sex with children. Pedophiles are convinced their actions are normal; they like to collect and exchange pictures of their victims, and they lie very convincingly in the face of investigation or prosecution.

Penis. The primary male sex organ. During foreplay, the erectile tissue in the husband's penis fills with blood and it becomes erect and hard. This enables it to enter the vagina and deliver an ejaculation of semen within swimming distance of the wife's egg.

Phone sex. Masturbation while talking to another person about sexually stimulating topics. Phone sex for hire usually includes simulated response on the part of the payee.

Pornography. Material which is designed to arouse lust but which does not meet the legal definition of obscenity according to Miller vs. California. As a rule, pornography is less explicit and crude than obscenity. Neither are conducive to wholesome Christian living.

Rape. Forcing sexual intercourse upon an unwilling partner.

Rape, date. Forcing sexual intercourse upon an unwilling partner, preceded by social interaction and even foreplay.

Rhythm method [Calendar Method]. A 1930s means of birth control which involves limiting sexual intercourse to those times in the wife's menstrual cycle when she is least likely to conceive. Not to be confused with Natural Family Planning [NFP].

Sadism. Receiving sexual stimulation by giving pain, usually during foreplay. See "Masochism" .

Safe sex. A misnomer which involves wearing a condom during homosexual or heterosexual intercourse as a means of avoiding contracting an STD. There is no "safe" illicit sex. The failure rate of the best condoms is estimated to range between 10 and 20 percent.

Semen. The fluid which contains the sperm as it is ejaculated from the penis during the husband's orgasm.

Sexual activity. This is the term that should have been used by the court in the Paula Corbin Jones/Clinton matter. Any activity or combination of activities designed to cause sexual excitement which, if continued, will cause orgasm for one or both parties. Sexual activity includes but is not limited to: oral sex, vaginal intercourse, stimulating [with the hands or mouth] the penis of the man or the breasts and vulva of the woman.

Sexual immorality. A general term in scripture referring to intercourse between unmarried persons; fornication.

Sexual intercourse, conjugation. Inserting the husband's erect penis into the wife's vagina, usually associated with thrusting to the point of orgasm.

Sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). Any disease, such as AIDS, which can be passed to another person during sexual activity. The classic STDs are syphilis and gonorrhea. A common modern STD is genital herpes.

Sperm. The husband's contribution to conception. Sperm can "swim" to unite with the wife's egg after being ejaculated into her vagina.

Spermacide. A birth control product designed to kill the sperm in the vagina before they can reach the wife's egg.

Testicles. The husband's sex organs which create the sperm and secrete testosterone, the male sex hormone.

Trimester. Three months of a pregnancy, usually expressed as first, second, or third trimester.

Vagina. A channel of moist tissue between the vulva and the mouth of the uterus.

Value-free sex education. Telling students about the biology and mechanics of sex without the Bible's moral absolutes which control sexual behavior.

Viagra. It has been estimated that up to 30 million American men suffer from sexual dysfunction (impotence). Until recently, sexual dysfunction has been effectively treated with injections, surgery, and other procedures, many of which are painful and embarrassing. In March 1998, the FDA announced that Viagra® a new drug from Pfizer, Inc., has been approved as treatment for male sexual dysfunction.

Vibrator. A penis-shaped battery-powered device designed to stimulate the vulva, clitoris, and vagina during foreplay. There is a theory that for some couples, excessive and extended use of a vibrator may make it increasingly difficult for a wife to respond to her husband during non-mechanical foreplay and sexual intercourse. May be useful during impotence. You can buy one on the Internet; just enter dildo or vibrator into any search engine. One with a vibrator should cost about $30 US.] Warning:you may get into some very unsavory sites. Just buy what you are looking for and get out! See dildo.

Virgin. A woman or man who has never had sexual intercourse.

Vulva. The wife's primary external sex organ. The vulva includes two sets of lip-like folds of tissue known as the labia. The inner labia (lips) enclose (from front to back) the clitoris, the urethra (for excreting urine, and the vagina. The outer lips are covered with pubic hair.

Vasectomy. A simple operation on the husband in the doctor's office which acts as a relatively permanent form of birth control. In a vasectomy, the tubes which lead from the testicles to the penis are cut by making small incisions in the scrotum. Because of this operation, the sperm which the testicles create cannot be mixed with the semen during ejaculation. There is no physical reason why the husband cannot continue to have a normal erection during foreplay and cannot enjoy sexual intercourse. The best time for a vasectomy is while the wife is pregnant with the last child. This will give the husband's body time to cleanse itself of all sperm before the first ejaculation during sexual intercourse after the baby is born.

Withdrawal. A means of birth control which calls for the husband to pull his penis out of his wife's vagina before sexual intercourse reaches the point of his ejaculation. This is considered to be an unreliable means of birth control. Some drops of semen may ooze from the penis before the first spasm of an ejaculation, or the first spasm may come with insufficient warning to permit complete withdrawal before some semen enters the vagina. If semen is ejaculated at the mouth of the vagina, some sperm may swim upstream and unite with an ovum. It only takes one of each to cause a pregnancy.

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