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Tantric & Sacred Sex Vocabulary

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Anja - 6th Chakra, the third eye
Asana - a physical posture, or yoga related position
Amrita-female ejaculate; The Nectar of the Goddess; Fountain of youth
Ananda- divine bliss, oneness with higher realms of holy peace
Anahata - 4th Chakra, the heart center
Atman - the essence of perfection inherent to all creatures
Bandah - muscular lock, used to direct and intensify sacred energy.
Chakras - nerve centers of the subtle body; seven in number, base of spine, genitals, belly, heart, throat, forehead (third eye), top of head
Daka- Male Priest, healer can embody shiva and serve Shakti unconditionally
Dakini - Female Tantrica or Yogini. An attendant or servant to Great Goddess by holding the intention to embody Her highest will; Commonly used to describe a Priestess, healer, alchemist, or initiate skilled at high level arts.
Darma- Your soul's purpose, a completion of karma through Divine servitude
Darshan - inner vision; to see a great or holy individual, either human or divine
Deva - A God, Deity; or cosmic power
Devi - Goddess; Deity; a holy creative power
Dharma - divine duty, or highest spiritual path
Durga - the warrior Goddess
Hatha - literally the "Sun joins the Moon" symbolically translates to the soul's connection with the body
Karma - the accumulated effect, in this life, of deeds and actions in past lives
Kriya - system of internal purification, cleansing process
Kundalini- latent energy located at the base of the spine. Kundalini is like coiled sleeping serpent. The yogi works to gently awaken this dormant energy to attain enlightenment.
Lakshmi- Goddess of abundance, wealth, happiness and prosperity. The consort of Lord Vishnu
Lingam - a man's "wand of light" from Linga, pillar of adoration and worship of Lord Shiva- cosmic masculine force, igniting destruction or creation, consort and Tantric lover to Shakti
Maha - Great, mighty one
Maithuna - Elaborate Tantric ritual with many parts, usually culminating in some form sacred sexual union.
Manipura - 3rd Chakra, the power center, located around the navel
Mantra - a sacred phrase of spiritual significance and power; verbal chant
Maya - illusion that one's personality can use to limit or challenge the Soul
Mudra - sacred hand gestures to focus the body's energy with intention
Muladhara - 1st Chakra, the root center, located at the anus or perineum
Nadis - subtle nerve channels related to physical body and energy healing
Nirvana - Ultimate spiritual peace, a place that transcends birth and death and absolute freedom from attachment is achieved. The Vedas say when you reach the attainment your soul no longer needs to incarnate on the earth plane
Ojas - subtle vital force within the body which can lower immunity and vitality through forced orgasm, excessive and/or genitally focused ejaculation
Prana - Energy, air, breath, life force; received by the body from pure food, nurturing, healing and self transformation
Pranayama - yogic breath techniques; consciously control of breathing patterns to quiet the mind and balance the body's natural energies.
Puja - a specific ritual, or sacred circle of worship
Reiki - Japanese work which employs Universal Healing Energy
Sahasara - 7th Chakra, the crown center, located at the top of the head
Samadhi - deep meditative state
Sattva- blissful illumination, joy
Shakti- the divine mother; the power of consciousness and spiritual evolution
Shaman - American Indian name for a spiritual healer
Shaktipat - an transmission of spiritual energy usually given by a guru
Sky Dancing - a translated Tantric term used to describe transcendental love making where partners, overcome their differences and dance in cosmic space
Swadhistana - 2nd Chakra, the sexual center, located at the genitals
Tejas - fire element of the body which can burn out with excessive toxin intake, drug use, cigarette smoking and even everyday city life.
Upandishads - literally "secret teachings" the last portion of the Vedas
Vissuddi - 5th Chakra, the throat center, located at the throat
Yab-Yum - an asana in which woman sits astride facing her partner; chakras are aligned, alternate breath can accompany this posture, a.k.a. "yogananda" or the position of the cosmic spiral.
Yang- active, quick, firm, masculine or technical energy
Yantra - mystic geometrical diagram used for healing meditation
Yin - receptive, gentle, soft sensuality, feminine or intuitive energy
Yoni- A woman's sacred temple; ring like symbol of Shakti or female power
Yuga - era, epoch. This age is the end of the Kali Yuga

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