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Consciousness:With consciousness comes purer vision - purer seeing of the relationship of sex and love. Herein is a great unexplored territory. Becoming conscious requires a willingness to be still, to sit with, to reflect upon and to integrate experience. Sex of love provides guidelines, and prescribes tools to find your Way; to find others who share this Path. Masculine/Feminine

Current order of civilization: In the current order of civilization monogamous love symbolized by sexual fidelity (faith in the relationship) is one of the motifs that structures the relationship of sex and love. Breaking this fidelity is considered a betrayal of love. Sex is used by love. This is an example of how this order of civilization makes sex the object of love. This is felt most keenly by women. Men are sexual objects as well. However, the objectification for each gender is different. The objectification of women is overt. But the symbol of masculinity is despised in the current order of a civilization The penis is covered in Shame.

Dialogue: Dialogue heals. Dialoguing about the relationship of sex and love will heal. Is there any doubt that these energy fields stir, motivate, impel and compel?

Divinity: Sex of Love is guided by a spiritual cosmology that recognizes Divinity -- a Source beyond Life. Sacred traditions manifest this Truth. In us. And, not of us. This polarity of subject and object, me and other, I and Thou is phenomenological. It Just Is: a dynamic tension.... an Erotic energy. What this Is, where It comes and where It is going are beautiful questions. The answers define Reality.

Erotic: Sex of love asserts sex and love as the fundamental polarity of human existence. Sex of love is the erotic spark that Ignited Creation. The inner and the outer, the self and the ego, the relative and the absolute, the implicate and the explicate, involution and evolution -- seeing all these as Divinely inspired tensions, the sparks that Lift Consciousness to the next level. Eros = Purest Form of love and sex.

Esoteric: The hidden. In religion this manifests in the "mystical".

Imbalance: Sex of love does recommend the softening -- the opening up to the Feminine. Masculine solar, chthonic energy is Good. Sex of love is suggesting that the current order of civilization is suffering from an imbalance in the masculine and feminine psychic energy, and specifically suffers from the rigidly structured, hierarchical, and masculine dominated relationship of sex and love. If we want something different we must allow the Feminine, fully expressed in the feminine form of love to permeate and soften our collective rigid patriarchal conscious. Not to destroy masculinity, but to liberate it. This is to allow the goddess in all Her Manifestations into our collective and individual consciousnesses. This is a process of liberation which means that men must be about the business of letting go of patriarchy, and women about finding a spiritual path to guide them as they gather collective ego empowerment (otherwise we will go 180 degrees and have a female dominant civilization). It is not so much a liberation of the feminine form, but rather integration of the two. This integration will never happen -- the masculine ego will always dominate unless sex and love are released from their current bondage. The amount of suffering caused by the current relationship accounts for more pain that all other pains combined. The evidence is every where for those who care to see. Is not the symbol of the feminine, the immanent font of Life -- Gaia, Mother Earth -- being slowly destroyed? The destructive power of the human ego has always been there -- there is evidence that not all early civilizations were "spirit-earth centered". The unenlightened human ego is rapacious by nature. But now, with so many of us, this imbalance between the masculine and the feminine is at our doorstep. The outcome is quite clear: we are drowning, and will drown, in our own waste. It has happened before. There is no more effective way to affect the imbalance but to go to the core -- the relationship between sex and love and in becoming aware of what is, consciously embrace what is possible.

Jesus and Buddha: Jesus was an active lover -- a celibate wandering the desert. For my passive side I follow the Buddha. These two men illuminate the way for me in being a Lover. One claims that "I am the Way" and the other "points to the Way". Both proclaim Love as the Way. This is not to say that there are not other Illuminaries. There are. These two appeal to my Gemini nature.

Journey: Relating to your life as a journey is a powerful metaphor. Is not metaphor a way of communicating Truth? Provisioning for the journey will require basic meditation and breathing practices. Without these tools you will not succeed. You will fall prey to the pathology of the civilization to which you belong.

Jung: Freud is to Aristotle as Jung is Plato. Carl Gustav Jung is the founder of "depth psychology". His study of the human psyche revealed that there is more to Life than our personal history. His place in the annals of civilization is assured. Of personal note is that in his adult life he had two female "companions", one of whom was his wife. What are we to make of this?

Life: Sex of Love views humans in relationship to one another as atoms in the atomic universe. We are packets of energy: Energy that is becoming Conscious of Itself. This is Life. Our story, our history is but getting started. Beauty = Sex of Love asserts that seeking Beauty is a major determinant in the "fitness" that directs Evolution.

Path: It is not by accident that so many stories begin with the words, "Deep in the darkest Forest there…….". Within the forest there are clearly marked paths sometimes called trails, with strong admonitions not to wander too far "off the beaten path". There are many side trails, some are clearly marked as "forbidden paths". Some are forbidden because they are life-negating, e.g. murder. (Yet have not all civilizations allowed killing?) Love requires us to avoid all life-negating activities. Others are forbidden on the grounds that they are harmful to the mind - body - soul organism. For example, certain drugs are allowed, and certain drugs are not. (Even with evidence that LSD had potential benefits it was still banned). Most civilizations make allowance for mind and body altering "substances" as contributing to human development. An argument could be made for the validity of some of these drugs given historical precedent. Do you follow these paths? Do you follow the conventional wisdom? To paraphrase the poet " to follow the path less travelled"?

Wholeness: Sex of love reminds us that we grow by integrating the biological, mental and spiritual. Between and within each manifestation, separate and related there is a constant refrain: we are subject and object, seeking Unity, Oneness, Perfection, and Completeness. These dualities are Natural, but Wholeness is our Destiny.

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