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Fetish Terms

Fetish, noun [c] excessive or irrational devotion to some activity, a sexual interest in an object or a part of the body which someone is interested in to an extreme degree of worship with excessive devotion...

Algolagnia- Another word for sadomasochism (SM) Algolagnia is when pain is transformed into sexual pleasure.

Alternative sexuality- A sexual orientation with a few variations that differ from vaginal intercourse when a monogamous heterosexual relationship has been established.

Alternative lifestyle- Sexual preference that is very different from the "norm," making it necessary and/or desirable. If the alternative sexuality is less common than the norm it will push the individual to reach an accepted subculture.

Animal play- When one or both partners pretend to be an animal (Ex: dog, horse) in a role play.

BDSM- In the beginning it was called Sadomasochism(SM,S/M or S&M.) People involved in sadomasochism were described as bad, sick and pervert. Since some people did not want to be called or described that way, terms like Dominance and Submission (D&S, DS or D/S), Love Bondage and Bondage and Discipline (B&D) were invented to be different from sadomasochists. In the 90's during the Internet revolution all kinky people were establishing arguments to label their kinks. After months of arguments the term BDSM was born. Most of the kinky people were happy after the therm was issued. BDSM combines Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) and Sadomasochism (SM.)

Bondage- When restraints are placed on the body in any practice to avoid any type of movement.

Bondage and Discipline- Also known as B&D, it involves several sexual practices like bondage, slave training, corporal punishment and dominant/submissive role play.

Caning- The use of a cane on a bottom.

Cat or cat o' nine tails- Originally it was a whip used by the British Navy. Actually it is referred to all whips which are multi-thonged.

Code word(s)- Word or words that are used in personal ads to unnotice sexual proclivities mostly unacceptable in society. Ex: French or Greek culture, clean, discipline, strict, leather, etc.

Consensual- An agreement made by parties for certain type of behavior or activities. When the consent is informed and there is a reasonable knowledge of possible risks is called true consent.

Discipline- The other part of Bondage (B&D) that could also mean punishment or a structured training of a submissive.

Dominance, dominance and submission, D/S, D&S- Used for erotic enhancement, one partner uses consensual empowerment for the other partner. In SM, dominance and submission are the psychological and emotional underpinnings.

Dominant, Dom, Domme, Domina, Dominatrix- The person that in a consensual exchange of power is in charge. If the person is a male is called Dominant or Dom; if is a female is called a Domme, Domina or Dominatrix.

Electro-torture- For a desired physical sensation it is used electrical simulation.

Enema- An instrument or injecting fluid into the anus to flush the lower intestines. In SM scenes enemas are used for humiliation, for preparation for other activities(fisting or anal sex) and/or for pleasure.

Erotic restraint- When movement is restricted for erotic play. It is also referred to the devices used.

Fetish- Sexual Fixation On An Activity, object or Part Of The Body!!!

Foot fetish, foot worship- sexual obsession toward feet or shoes.

Gear- Any equipment used for scene purposes.

Golden shower- Urinating on or in another person.

Humiliation- Part of the erotic control to embarrass or to humble someone by teasing them about their sexual desires. In SM humiliation, ironically, can build a person's self-esteem by reinforcing their sexuality.

Infantilism- Infant-like behavior in role play by wearing diapers, nursing, etc.

Latex- Material used to make fetish items like clothing.

Leather, Leather sex, Leather lifestyle- A synonym for SM used in fetish fashion and gear.

Limit- In SM are the boundaries set by the dominant and the submissive for what to will or to unwill within a scene. Limits must be respected and applied to roles, levels of dominance and submission, time and also activities like whipping and paddling.

Masochism, masochist- The enjoyment of pain, humiliation or being dominated.

Master- When the man takes control in the SM role play.

Mistress- When the woman takes control in the SM role play.

Novice- A person with lack of experience in SM, but willing to learn.

"O" fantasy- Code word for SM or a fictional piece by Pauline Reage.

Over the knee, OTK- Code word or classic spanking position.

Pervert- A person that deviates from the sexual norm.

Play- Taking part of a SM scene or scene activity.

Pony training- Transformation of a boy or girl into a pony to be ridden, to pull a carriage or a well-trained horse in obedience.

PVC-Poly-vinyl-chloride- Plastic used for fetish clothing or pipes used for bondage devices.

Sadism, sadist- Sexual pleasure that results from pain, humiliation and/or domination. The sadist delivers pain or humiliation to the people desiring it by respecting their limits and by being caring and careful.

Sadomasochism, SM- Sexual practices in an advanced level where pain , humiliation and power exchange are being used. SM has also dominance and submission, bondage and discipline, love bondage and erotic spanking.

Safe, sane and consensual- In the SM community are characteristics of acceptable play. During activities, players take safety precautions or they do not participate in practice that could injure mentally or physically their partners. Before the activities they consent by negotiating.

Scene- The SM or fetish community or a SM session or occurrence during play.

Slave- A submissive that is involved in a slave/master fantasy.

Slave training-The instruction of a submissive in a dominant's preference . The submissive's behavior is conditioned.

Spanking- Striking or paddling a submissive in their butts.

Switch- When a person trades places in a SM role or physical play. Ex: top or bottom, dom or sub. It is also a tree or bush branch used for corporal punishment.

Torture- Painful actions used to enhance sexual pleasure.

Training- Discipline used by the dom to control the sub's behavior, condition and/or attitude. Pony training, anal training, position training, voice command response, etc. can be used for training.

TS,Transsexual- A person that mismatches his/her personal psychology. They go for counseling, hormone treatments and surgery. Before surgery a transsexual is referred as a "pre-op" TS and after surgery is a "post-op" TS.

Vinyl- Material used for fetish fashions.

Water sports- Sexual play using urine or enemas.

Whip- Object that can be also a cane, crop, paddle or slapper, or a single or multiple-lash whips to beat a submissive.

Worship- To lavish attention to a body part(Ex: feet.) Also, a role playing attitude toward a dominant.

X-frame- A bondage frame in the shape of an "X" in a horizontal position.

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