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Politics and Sexual Definitions

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bisexual: Possessing characteristics of both sexes :

hermaphroditic: sexually oriented toward both sexes or of relating to performing sexual acts with a person of either sex – with no preference for either sex – for purposes of sexual gratification; a bisexual individual

bisexualism: An ideology that holds that bisexuality is a permissible and desirable portion of a wide range of different types and equally valid expressions of human sexuality; a belief system that advances special rights for bisexuals

bisexualist: Someone who promotes or advocates bisexualism

bisexuality: Sexual attraction directed toward persons of both sexes; predilection to perform erotic acts or obtain sexual gratification with persons of both sexes

cross-gendered: Being inclined to adopt or exhibit behavioural characteristics of the opposite sex and to lack clear identification with one's own sex

gay (HOMOSEXUAL) gender: Primarily a subclass within a grammatical class of terms in a language; however, of great importance in the politics of sex as a euphemism for sexual orientation, intended to obscure and to obfuscate the biological and cultural classification of humans into two sexes – male and female – so as to promote the view that the bipolarity of sexual concepts that grew out of biological reality are social constructs and not a consequence of human evolution

gender activism: A movement for social reform that promotes the legalization of any imaginable sexual orientation, with the main objective being to construct social acceptability of a wide range of sexual orientations and to effect the abrogation of the heterosexual family as the social norm for humanity

gender bias: A system of systematic discrimination against and oppression of women – so the gender-feminists assert

gendercide: The deliberate extermination or reduction in number of some or all individuals of one sex because of their sex

gendered: Reflecting the attitudes, experiences and views of one sex more than the other

gender equity: Also called gender equality or gender balance, a massive program of social re-engineering, by which affirmative-action hiring, wage equality, lowering of hiring standards, pro-female judicial bias and legislation are used to eradicate "gender" differences that radical feminists assert have plagued women throughout the ages. Any discriminatory consequences to boys and men are lightly dismissed through assertions that today's men have to pay for the sins of their fathers. So it is that feminist insist that they can demand that women will be permitted to perform traditionally male jobs if they so desire, but that only men are compelled to perform them as a matter of course. Thereby men are being marginalized and still suffer the traditional ratio of job injuries and fatalities of 19 men for ever woman. In consequence men and women are now not more equal, but the gap in life expectancy between the sexes is widening to six year and more, while women receive higher wages for jobs of lesser risk.

gender-feminism: Short for "Sex/Gender Feminism," according to Christina Hoff Sommers, it is the doctrine that women are "in thrall to 'a system of male dominance' variously referred to as 'heteropatriarchy' or the sex/gender system."

gender violence: The assertion by gender-feminists – contrary to all common sense and available evidence – that violence is endemic in intimate relationships between the sexes, that all such violence is being initiated by men as part of the systematic oppression of women, and that in the allegedly rare occasions when women initiate or perpetrate violence against men such violence is invariably motivated by self-defence on the part of women

gender war: Formerly called the battle of the sexes, when it was not so much a battle as it was all-pervasive and systematic griping by feminists against alleged discrimination by men against women. It has, however, increasingly become known as the gender war and ever since then escalated into an all-out program of psychological and economic warfare against men and boys, with deadly consequences. Suicide rates steadily escalated, especially for men and boys, ever since the feminists became a controlling political force

heterophobe: An individual who is characterized by heterophobia
heterophobia: Irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against heterosexuality or heterosexuals — heterophobic adj.

heterosexual: Sexually oriented toward or of relating to performing sexual acts with a person of the opposite sex for purposes of sexual gratification and procreation; a heterosexual individual

heterosexualism: An ideology that holds that heterosexuality is the only viable and valid expression of human sexuality

heterosexualist: Someone who promotes or advocates heterosexualism

heterosexuality The highest form in the evolution of natural methods for procreation that requires sexual acts between individuals of the male and female sex in a species; sexual attraction directed toward a person of the opposite sex; erotic acts or sexual gratification with a person of the opposite sex

homophobe: An individual who is characterized by homophobia

homophobia: Irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals — homophobic adj.

homosexual Being sexually attracted toward or of relating to performing sexual acts with a person of the same sex; a homosexual person

homosexualism An ideology that holds that homosexuality is a permissible and desirable portion of a wide range of different types and equally valid expressions of human sexuality; a belief system that advances special rights for homosexuals, such as the right to perform homosexual acts in public view

homosexualist: Someone who promotes or advocates homosexualism

homosexuality: Sexual attraction directed toward a person of the same sex; erotic acts or sexual gratification with a person of the same sex

lesbianism: Female homosexuality

masturbate To practice masturbation

masturbation Erotic stimulation of one's own genitals to achieve orgasm

masturbator One who masturbates

misandry hatred of men – something that feminists will never under any circumstances admit to being engaged in or even dream of being possible

misogyny: Hatred of women – something that feminists will accuse anyone of promoting if they should in any way be critical of even the slightest portion of the feminist program of re-engineering society to bring about the planned destruction of our families

patriarch: One who governs his family by paternal right

patriarchy: A community of related families under the authority of a patriarch
Note: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the authors of the Communist Manifesto (1848/49), applied the term to mean societies or civilizations comprised of traditional nuclear families, families in which fathers are the breadwinners and figurative heads. They held that a new and better socialist society cannot be constructed unless the concept of the traditional nuclear family is deconstructed and traditional families are abrogated. Marx and Engels promoted that the productivity of all nations can be almost doubled if women are freed from the bonds of their families and the chores of child raising, with women then being free to be incorporated into the work force. They called for the sexual needs of men and women to be satisfied through the concept of "free love" (today it is called sexual freedom), outside of the bounds of traditional marriage or at most in marriages that can be dissolved at will without assigning fault to one or the other partner. Thereby they also thought that the social stigma of illegitimate children would fall by the way-side (every child a wanted child). Children were to be raised in state-funded and -operated nurseries and day-care facilities.
Many factions of the women's liberation movement wholeheartedly adopted Marx's and Engels' ideology, most of all radical feminism (a.k.a. Marxist-, Leninist-, or socialist-feminism), into which, beginning in the 1940s, communism increasingly transformed itself. Radical feminism has since become the dominant political force in all western nations and at the UN.

pederast: One who practices pederasty

pederasty: The practice to engage in anal sex with males, esp. with boys

pedophilia: The sexual molestation by adults of children or sexual intercourse by adults with children

pedophile: An adult who engages in pedophilia

rape: Sexual intercourse with an individual without his or her consent
Note: Allegations of rape and and physical abuse are a primary weapon in the feminist arsenal. In a study done by the FBI it was found that about 30 percent of men serving time for rape with aggravated assault could not possibly have committed the crime of which they had been convicted, because their DNA didn't match that of the semen found on their alleged victims.
Because such allegations are so extremely effective in bringing a man down, they acquired the nickname "the silver bullet."

sex: The distinction between male and female; the characteristics by which humans, animal or plants are male or female; gender: the female sex, women generally, usually with the definite article

sex object: One who is regarded exclusively as an object of sexual interest

sexologist: One who studies sex or the interactions of the sexes

sexual: Pertaining to sex; distinguished or founded on the sex

sexual harassment: Uninvited and unwelcome conduct directed at anyone because of his or her sex
Note: False allegations of sexual harassment are one of the most potent weapons in the feminist arsenal used in the gender war. It is a weapon that men neither use nor hardly ever can avail themselves of. The feminist dominated courts hold that women don't rape, kill, molest, abuse or harass. Women are considered to be innocent under all and any circumstances. The insidious nature of allegations of sexual harassment is that no absolute and objective standards exist by which it can be determined whether sexual harassment occurred, or by which one can measure its degree of severity. Usually a woman's allegations of sexual harassment, even if uncorroborated by any evidence or witnesses, are taken at face value, unless the accused man can prove that he was elsewhere and not in the presence of the accusing woman at the time he was to have been engaged in harassing her. Even that is often ruled out as admissible evidence and the accuser's word made superior to that of any witnesses a man may be able to produce.
Furthermore, what may be a man's nightingale can easily be perceived, or claimed to be, the woman's owl or nightmare. It matters little whether the perceived harassment is a figment of her imagination or a product of her maliciousness.
What aggravates the aspects of sexual harassment allegations is that in many localities it is a criminal offence to sexually harass. In Canada is has been assigned to the same criminal category as rape, to the category of sexual assault.
Therefore "rape statistics" in Canada now encompass criminal convictions for offences that range from uncorroborated charges of leering at a woman in a public swimming pool to rape with aggravated assault and murder. That had a fine effect. It raised statistics for incidents of "rape" to dizzying heights.
sexuality: State or quality of being sexual
sexualize: To distinguish as sexed, to raise sexual awareness, to make sexual
sexual orientation: According to the traditional perspective, one of two possible self-images an individual may have of himself (normally correlating to one's own sex); and according to more liberal views, one of a multitude of sexual preferences one may adopt during his life time, preferences that are not the outcome of one's biological constraints but rather of one's preference with respect to how to obtain sexual excitation and gratification (e. g.: fetishism, homosexuality, pedophilia, sodomy, coprophilia, pederasty, sado-masochism, transsexualism, etc.); syn. see GENDER
sodomist SODOMITE
sodomite: One who practices sodomy — sodomitic or sodomitical adj.
sodomy: Unnatural non-coital (anal, oral or manual) copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex or with an animal
statutory rape: Sexual intercourse with a person who is unable to give meaningful consent Note: Pederasty and other sodomitic sexual acts by adults with children are criminal acts, in fact, they are statutory rape, because children are unable to give meaningful consent. For that reason some homosexualists are engaged in bringing about legislation that lowers the age of sexual consent for children. In some countries the age of sexual consent for children engaged in homosexual acts has been lowered already to the age of 12. Apparently it is thought that if laws lowering the age of sexual consent are enacted that the maturity of children that enables them to give meaningful consent is thereby miraculously brought about. One thing is certain, though, the criminalization of sexual acts with children is thereby much reduced and perhaps eventually completely eliminated by declaring children of all ages sufficiently mature to engage in anything the lobbyists want them to engage in.
Homosexual activists generally deny that that is their intention. However, it is very rare that any of their members object to what is being done with respect to lowering the age of consent for children, and those who do object are quickly silenced by various means.
What remains to be seen is any other logical explanation for lowering the age of consent for children who are being engaged in homosexual acts. It is very puzzling that the play by Eve Ensler, "The Vagina Monologues,"(critiqued by Henry Makow, PhD.) the latest major "cultural export" from the US, contains a very graphic glorification of statutory rape of a 12-year-old girl by a lesbian woman. What is even more curious is that many celebrities who are avowed opponents of child-sexual-abuse and even advertise their "survivor" status (e.g.: Oprah Winfrey) highly praised Eve Ensler's play. So, what are we to make of that? Is statutory rape by women not a criminal act in the eyes of women who are 'survivors' of child sexual abuse? Apparently not.
transgendered: TRANSSEXUAL

transsexual: Gender identity confusion caused by the psychological urge to belong to the opposite sex, often carried to the extreme of undergoing surgical alteration and removal of sex organs, so as to be able to perfectly and completely mimic the opposite sex; an individual who craves to be of the opposite sex. Gender activists don't like to use the term transsexual (or any word with the root 'sex'). They therefore substitute the word that they wish to become the politically correct form, "transgendered.")
transsexualism: An ideology that holds that transsexuality is a permissible and desirable portion of a wide range of different types and equally valid expressions of human sexuality; a belief system that advocates special rights for transsexuals, to the extent that they demand that sex re-assignment surgery shall be publicly funded so as to permit transsexuals to submerge themselves totally and physically in their psychological fixation

transsexualist: Someone who promotes or advocates transsexualism

transsexuality: Sexual attraction directed toward playing or mimicking the role of a person of the opposite sex; erotic acts for the purpose of gaining sexual excitement or gratification while pretending to be a person of the opposite sex

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